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Did you know that 60% of Australian families with dependents will run out of money within 12 months if the main income earner were to die?

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We never plan to get sick or injured, what happens if you do? Did you know that 60% of Australian families with dependents will run out of money within 12 months if the main income earner were to die?

Insurance is an important aspect of financial planning, it protects your ability to meet your financial responsibilities like mortgage repayments, children’s education, putting food on the table etc.

When looking at taking out cover you need to consider your situation, what type of cover thats appropriate and how much you can afford

Wealth Mantra can assist you to arrange to protect your family’s financial security today and into the future, in the unfortunate event of serious accident, injury, diagnosis of disease and death.

Life Insurance

The most common type of cover is Term Life which provides a lump sum benefit to the policy owner on death of the life insured. This cover financially protects businesses and/or families from the misfortune of death.

This lump sum can help with areas such as repayment of debts, covering future needs such as the cost of children’s education or long term care, providing funds for investment to generate an income.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance will provide a lump sum payment should the person insured suffer an illness or injury which totally and permanently prevents them from working again.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection (or salary continuance) insurance is designed to provide a regular income in the event that you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. This is of particular importance to those who have geared investments in which the loan repayments are reliant on your income. Generally, income protection insurance provides a regular income during a period of disablement up to a pre-determined and agreed benefit period. The benefit amount payable is up to 75% of your income (net of business expenses but before tax).

Critical Illness (Trauma) Insurance

Critical Illness Cover or Trauma Insurance provides a lump sum benefit on diagnosis of a defined specified event. Critical Illness Cover is designed to help people financially recover from a trauma or crisis, such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other life threatening condition.

How we can help…

Wealth Mantra can reduce the confusion and complexity that often come with acquiring insurance by understanding your individual circumstances to be able to advise you on the the most appropriate combination of policies and strategies to suit you and your family’s needs.

I hope that none of my clients ever have to make a claim on their insurance policies, so that they never have to deal with any accidents or illness throughout their lives, however what happens if you do have an accident or suffer from illness and you don’t have appropriate cover in place and you can’t pay your home loan or medical expenses – isn’t that a greater cost to you and your family?

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